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About Us


Children of all backgrounds love to experience the charming world of reading and experience seeing themselves represented in books and literature.

That is why we decided to start a bookmobile that focuses on culture and language in the Twin Cities, MN, a hub of many diverse people.

Babycake’s Book Stack is a MOBILE bookstore that carries a highly curated inventory of books designed to include the culture and/or languages of the indigenous, immigrants, refugees, African American and many other backgrounds! 


We would love to see you in person! Check our Upcoming Events page and find where the bookmobile will be parked for the day! Find us at cultural and community gatherings, art fairs, music festivals and school book fairs! Want Babycake's Book Stack at your event? Contact us with the details!


Babycake's Book Stack is working diligently to increase family literacy by being welcoming to and building enduring relationships with parents and caregivers, local daycares, schools, homeschools and underserved communities in the Twin Cities. We encourage reading together with your babycake(s) each day for 15 minutes.  Check back to see events to bring access to ESL classes, American Sign Language classes, story hour in English and other languages, local and national author events, and partnerships with local publishers for the blossoming writer in your child!